Four East Texans placed in the top 10 of the Class 4A boys race at the UIL State Cross Country Championships Friday at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock.

Pittsburg’s Jacob Berryhill was fifth with a time of 16:16.7. Chapel Hill’s Emery Crayton took eighth with a time of 16:21.0; Canton’s Miguel Arce, ninth with a time of 16:22.6; and Cumberland Academy’s Abel Solorio 10th with a time of 16:24.2.

Other East Texas runners in the race were Athens’ Hardy Swann, 16th; Jacksonville’s Sebastian Juarez, 21st; Palestine’s Kevin Quincin, 33rd; Van’s Isaiah Colorado, 38th; Palestine’s Jalbert Sandoval, 50th; Jacksonville’s Angel Luna, 54th; Jacksonville’s Juan Diego Salazar, 86th; Jacksonville’s Cole Killingsworth, 96th; Jacksonville’s Cristobal Gallegos, 120th; and Jacksonville’s Jonathan Lambert, 139th.

Jacksonville placed ninth as a team.

Canton’s Graycee Wilson was the top East Texas finisher in the Class 4A girls race, finishing 32nd with a time of 12:37.8. Other East Texas runners in the race were Jacksonville’s Emily Martinez, 35th; Kilgore’s Ruby Almanza, 57th; Kilgore’s Danna Requena, 74th; Bullard’s Riley Roberts, 79th; Gilmer’s Melody Chavez, 100th; Canton’s Lana Stapleton, 108th; Gilmer’s Makenna Sprouse, 123rd; Lindale’s Adalyn Kobs, 127th; Gilmer’s Michelle Chavez, 128th; Canton’s Justynne Earl, 129th; Canton’s Kimber Holly, 136th; Canton’s Kenana Whitlock, 137th; Gilmer’s Munoz Vanessa, 139th; Gilmer’s Rosabella Vickers, 143rd; Canton’s Kate Wallis, 148th; and Canton’s Mykah Mebane, 151st.

Canton placed 13th as a team, and Gilmer was 16th.

In Class 2A, Tenaha’s Adrian Ramirez was fifth with a time of 17:17.5. Other East Texas runners in the race were Tenaha’s Misael Hernandez, 11th; Tenaha’s Evan Plata, 14th; Douglass’ Noah Jones, 39th; New Summerfield's Ary Hernandez, 42nd; New Summerfield's Raul Munoz, 47th; New Summerfield's Andres Ornelas, 49th; Tenaha’s Jario Hernandez, 58th; Tenaha’s Daniel Loredo, 62nd; Douglass’ Luke Jones, 69th; Douglass’ Garret Karns, 77th; New Summerfield’s Jovanny Hernandez, 78th; New Summerfield’s Brayden Lueckemeyer, 82nd; Tenaha’s Eustorgio Flores, 84th; Douglass’ Drake Freeman, 92nd; Tenaha’s Marco Gonzalez, 97th; New Summerfield’s Bryan Zavala, 98th; New Summerfield’s Brian Vargas, 110th; LaPoynor’s Jacob Scott, 113th; Douglass’ Wrangler Johnson, 128th; Douglass’ Cade Fuchs, 130th; and Douglass’ Tristan Bell, 141st.

Tenaha placed second as a team. New Summerfield was fifth. Douglass was 12th.

Shelbyville’s Emily Farris won the Class 2A girls race with a time of 12:33.2, and Cross Roads’ Cassity Turner was second with a time of 12:40.9.

Other area runners were Cross Roads’ Calista Turner, 17th; LaPoynor’s Emily White, 26th; Mount Enterprise’s Dede Davis, 28th; Douglass’ Anahi Mayes, 57th; LaPoynor’s Savanna Thaw, 67th; Martin’s Mill’s Mattie Burns, 68th; Union Grove’s Gracie Stanford, 75th; Ore City’s Lesly Dominguez, 84th; Union Grove’s Sophie Pyle, 90th; Douglass’ Leah Roach, 104th; Cross Roads’ Alexis Sudduth, 111th; Cross Roads’ Lizeth Lopez, 113th; Douglass’ Addie Rose Sinz, 117th; Cross Roads’ Brook Locke, 126th; Douglass’ Tessa Reeves, 127th; Union Grove’s Kenia Velasquez, 129th; Douglass’ Georgiana Burns, 130th; Union Grove’s Keira Taylor, 131st; Douglass’ Abigail Richardson, 137th; Union Grove’s Analeice Jones, 139th; Douglass’ Isabella Ball, 140th; Cross Road’s Gabriela Vazquez, 143rd; Union Grove’s Jenna Scott, 147th; Union Grove’s Madyson Lowe, 148th; and Cross Road’s Alanah Logan, 149th.

Cross Roads was 11th as a team. Douglass was 15th, and Union Grove was 16th.