Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Longview to stay 6A with release of UIL cutoff numbers

By Meredith Shamburger
Dec. 6, 2017 at 9:46 a.m.
Updated Dec. 6, 2017 at 5:44 p.m.

Longview used advantages in speed and quickness to beat Dallas Jesuit, 75-43, during an area round final at Kincaide Stadium in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017.

Longview ISD will stay in the largest Class 6A UIL classification for 2018-20 based on conference cutoff numbers and preliminary enrollment figures released Wednesday by the University Interscholastic League.

Longview ISD’s 2,242.5 enrollment figure is well above the new 6A conference cutoff at 2,190 and above. Final 2018-20 alignments will be announced Feb. 1 for football and basketball, with alignments for other activities following later.

John King, Longview ISD’s athletic director and head football coach, said Wednesday that he wasn’t surprised.

“We aligned where I figured we would be,” he said. We’re “just waiting to find out what our district will be in February, but not really surprised with the numbers we turned in.”

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School districts are required to report numbers from Snapshot Day, the last Friday in October, to the Texas Education Agency. Every two years, high school enrollment numbers are used to determine districts’ UIL classifications.

Longview ISD reported in October that enrollment at Longview High School was 2,135 and 107 at the Early Graduation High School. Those numbers will keep the district in 6A, which includes 253 schools for basketball and 252 schools for football.

Across East Texas, most area schools will be staying in the same UIL conference because enrollment has not dramatically changed. Hallsville, Pine Tree and Marshall will stay in 5A, with preliminary high school enrollments reported at 1,461, 1,307 and 1,407, respectively.

“We really didn’t expect to see any changes in Pine Tree’s classification due to our enrollment staying steady and at a distance from the cutoff numbers in the past,” Pine Tree ISD Athletic Director Jody Berryhill said. “We are anxious to see the schools who will be the makeup of our district for the next two years. Like every other athletic department, we will wait until February to find that out.”

Districts in 4A include Carthage, Gilmer, Henderson, Kilgore and Spring Hill.

Districts in 3A includes Harmony, New Diana, Elysian Fields, Gladewater, Sabine, Jefferson, West Rusk, Ore City, Tatum, Waskom and White Oak. Two schools in that conference, Gladewater and Tatum, will move from 4A Division II to 3A Division I, while West Rusk will move up from 3A Division II to 3A Division I.

And districts in 2A include Beckville, Big Sandy, Gary, Union Grove, Harleton, Laneville and Overton, with 1A districts including East Texas Charter School, Union Hill and Leverett’s Chapel. Beckville and Harleton will move from 3A Division II to 2A Division I.

Other area schools’ conference assignments announced Wednesday are:

Conference 5A: Hallsville, Pine Tree, Marshall

Conference 4A: Carthage, Gilmer, Henderson, Kilgore, Spring Hill

Conference 3A: Harmony, New Diana, Elysian Fields, Gladewater, Sabine, Jefferson, West Rusk, Ore City, Tatum, Waskom, White Oak

Conference 2A: Beckville, Big Sandy, Gary, Union Grove, Harleton, Laneville, Overton

Conference 1A: East Texas Charter School, Union Hill, Leverett’s Chapel

Conference Cutoffs


2190 and Above

253 Schools (Basketball)

252 Schools (Football)


1150 - 2189

254 schools (Basketball)

253 schools (Football)



191 schools (Basketball)

183 schools (Football)


225 - 504

232 schools (Basketball)

211 schools (Football)


105 - 224

198 schools (Basketball)

187 schools (Football)


104.9 and below

211 schools (Basketball)

142 schools (Football)


1A – 5A Football Division I and Division II Numbers

1A Division I

55.5 – 104.9

73 schools

1A Division II

55 and below

69 schools

2A Division I

161.5 – 224

94 schools

2A Division II

105 – 161.4

93 schools

3A Division I

335 – 504

106 schools

3A Division II

225 – 334

105 schools

4A Division I

790 – 1149

93 schools

4A Division II

505 – 789

90 schools

5A Division I

1840 – 2189

126 schools

5A Division II

1150 – 1839

127 schools

List of all schools by conference in alphabetical order:



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