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Insider: W2W4: Longview vs. Marshall

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Hayden Henry

By Hayden Henry
Sept. 8, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.
Updated Sept. 8, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.

Longview and Marshall meet for the 107th time tonight, in case you haven't heard.

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On top of those previews, here's a few things to watch for tonight:

QB: It's week two of what is figured to be a three-week revolving door for Longview's quarterback spot. Jordan Lawson got the start against Lufkin, A'Darius Carter came in with 6:43 left in the 2Q and Haynes King did mop-up duty, and looked good doing it, a week ago with the game all but wrapped up. All three quarterbacks had their moments against Lufkin. Lawson threw the ball the most, a number going to the flat. Getting the start, he also got the first-game jitters from the team as a whole, which included missed blocked on those perimeter throws as well as the first action for a new offensive line, which strengthened as the game went along. Carter entered and led Longview to three touchdowns on four drives. King had two possessions, including a touchdown pass on his first varsity throw and also sent the Lobos into victory formation.

What we saw against Lufkin is the strengths of all three QBs. Longview was a key block here or there from those perimeter throws from Lawson going for big gains. He only had one designed QB carry and threw the ball away in times where the pressure was on. Carter showed his strength out of the quarterback power, where he used his size and speed to score twice. King, in a small sample, delivered a TD pass on the move. 

As has been the case with simply scripting practice to get all three QBs reps, the play-calling seemed to be tailored to whoever is on the field. It's been one game so the sample size is small. King was once again mum as of Wednesday as to who will be the starter -- "We still have all three" -- and again said that all three will see time on the field "in some form or fashion." In practice, it was Carter and King seeing a increased level of first-team snaps. The utilization of all three certainly makes the position dynamic and, again, all three show prowess at receiver.

While the plan remains to get all three on the field, seeing such a scripted timeframe, such as Carter for sure seeing time in the first half last week, probably won't be the case tonight. It's time to go with the hot hand, whoever that may be, and stick with it.

OL: Even with the quarterback situation, the OL was a much-watched spot and a big question entering the season. The unit, which all received passing marks from OL coach CJ Lottinger, definitely strengthened as the game progressed. Longview finished with two negative offensive plays against Lufkin, both coming on the screen passes. Also, every OL saw action against the Panthers.

DEFENSE: Longview's defense definitely fit the bill after a strong offseason showing. The depth showed. The versatility showed, particularly when moving from the 4-2-5 to a stack. Longview had 11 negative plays, had four stops inside the plus-40 part of the field and one goal line stand that resulted with a Lufkin field goal. Lufkin had a 36-yard pass and a 24-yard run. While the stops were big and crucial, Lufkin also ran 80 plays to Longview's 46 in the opener. The stops were big with the pressure cranked up as Lufkin continued to drive but the Lobo defense was on the field for a long time.

LB Ja'Vontae Writt finished with 11 tackles and Kevion Bush had seven. DC Casey Pearce noted it has been three or so years since a Lobo LB duo finished with that many tackles.

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